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About Us

Designed, developed and supported by teachers Class Creator helps schools all over the world create classes optimized for success, save time and eliminate mistakes.

Find out why schools from  Broward County to Springbranch ISD are using Class Creator.

Tim Bowman
CEO & Teacher

Tim has been a primary school teacher for over thirteen years. His frustration when making classes for his students was the catalyst for Class Creator. Tim is also the author of 88 Ways to Teach more Effectively, and the father of two awesome kids.

Corinne Bowman
COO & Teacher

Corinne has worked as a primary school teacher in Australia and Hong Kong. A passionate environmentalist, Corinne has also been the director of education for the Jane Goodall Institute. Corinne loves cooking, yoga, trail running, and being a mum.

Karl Kopp
CTO & Tech Guru

Karl has created technical platforms for Australia's leading businesses including Ford, Telstra, Qantas, BHP and Australia Post. Karl's technical skills and focus on user experience has ensured Class Creator is secure, reliable and flexible. Karl is married, has two kids and loves his Richmond Tigers.

Class Creator & DonorsChoose.org

Class Creator supports U.S. public school teachers to bring their classroom dreams to life
 via DonorsChoose.org

From helping pay for phonics materials in AZ to helping a classroom in OH purchase an egg incubator to study life cycles, Class Creator is proud to support U.S. schools.

Step 3. Create Classes

Class Creator instantly generates balanced classes using our "teacher logic" sorting algorithm.

You can then Drag & Drop students between classes to make your classes perfect.

Receive instant feedback on class demographics and student placement alerts...including historical ones!

Class Creator Student Placement Software

Step 2. Collect

Your teachers complete a short online survey on their current students.


Class Creator Student Placement Software

Step 1. Upload

Upload your student and teachers using our simple Excel template.

How does Class Creator work?

Subscription Form

Payment can be made by Purchase Order, Check or Credit Card. 
No lock-in contracts. 100% Money back guarantee. 

Placement Alerts


Alerts appear when requirements such as separations & pairings are not met. No more placement mistakes!

Customizable Surveys


Collect consistent data across your school by using Class Creator's customizable online surveys & rubric. 


History Saved


Access your students survey data, separations & notes. No more  searching through files, it's all stored in Class Creator.

Balanced Classes


Classes are created instantly balanced by:

  • Gender
  • Class size
  • Behavior
  • Academics
  • Student-Teacher Requirements
  • Special Needs
  • Social dynamics
  • Friendships

Multi-Age Classes


Composite classes are easy to configure & create using Class Creator.

Easy Editing


Class Creator's drag & drop editor allows you to move students between classes whilst receiving real-time feedback.

Students-Teachers Pairings


Ensure students with specific needs are placed with the correct teacher.

- Tim B must be in Ms. Walker's class.

- Corinne K. must be in Mr. Turner's class.





Separations & Pairings


Separate students so they will not be placed in the same class.

Pair students to form clusters and keep them together.

Sorting Priority


Select different sorting priority algorithms to ensure classes meet the needs of your school.

Teacher & Admins Notes


Teachers & Admins can add notes relevant to student placements. Notes are saved year-to-year.

(Admin Notes are only visible to school admins not teachers.)

Special Needs & ELL


Special Needs & English Language Learners data are all recorded in our surveys and factor greatly into class creation.


Student Tags


Create unique tags for special needs and other areas. Perfect for easy identification when editing classes.
IEP, 504, GT, Ethnicity, Math Accel, Dyslexia or anything else relevant to your student placement process.


Demographics in Real-Time


Edit your classes & see the demographics overview change in real-time. Say goodbye to counting student cards & imbalanced classes.


Streamline your process


Some schools ask teachers to make class lists. At others it is a job for the principal. Class Creator can be used in both systems & every combination in between.

The minimum purchase price is $400. 
 Contact us for group/district/state-wide pricing.

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Is Class Creator right for your school?

Please have a play in our pre-populated demo school to see if Class Creator is a good fit for your school.

Try our Demo School
See why schools from Broward County Public Schools to Weaver Union School District are using Class Creator.
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  • Online Surveys
    (Behaviour, Academic, Special Needs, Friendships, Separations, Pairings, ESL, Tags, etc.)
  • Balanced Classes Instantly
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Placement Alerts
  • Student History Saved
  • Composite/Multi-Age Classes
  • Accessible on any device (PC/Windows or iPad/Mac)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy to use (No training/PD required)
  • No Installation/Downloading
  • Awesome support by educators!
    (Videos, step-by-step guides & email) 
  • Literacy & Numeracy Surveys
  • ESL/EAL Surveys
  • Customise Survey Level Descriptors
  • Special Needs Tags (Autism, Visual, ADHD, Physical...)
  • General Student Tags (Lit/Num Support, Challenging Parent...)
  • Levelled Access (Admin, Team Leader & Teacher)
  • Admin & Teacher Notes
  • Group Move (Move students in social groups)
  • Shuffle Classes (New classes in a click)
  • Share Classes for Feedback (More data & no more printing!)
  • Class Creator's experience of helping schools make over half a million student placements.

Everything a school needs to make great classes and save time.


per student/year.

No lock-in contracts.
100% Money-back guarantee.

Is Class Creator worth it?


Subscriptions are based on your school's current enrollment
Prices are in US Dollars. 


Used In Over 20 Countries And 40 American States


Collaboratively make classes lists
 whilst working remotely.




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